Saturday, December 01, 2012

Christmas Music Kickoff: Emmy the Great

It's December 1st.  We're past Thanksgiving, and Christmas is right around the corner.  I thought I would take this opportunity to highlight some of my favorite Christmas albums.
Having worked in retail for a number of years, I kind of got sick of a lot of Christmas music.  It's only recently that I've started listening to it again.  I attribute a lot of that to some great new releases by artists, I love, but I also have quite a few older albums that I listen to quite a bit.

My plan is to post every day between now and Christmas.  Each day I'll highlight an album and/or song that I love.  I'd love it if some of you felt like joining in with some of your own favorites in the comments.  And, of course, any recommendations are always welcome.

To the music!

Emmy the Great & Tim Wheeler - This is Christmas

A beautiful and strange Christmas album.  The majority of the songs are originals, which is a nice departure from albums sporting the same songs over and over again.  Just a glance at the track listing tells you this isn't your standard Christmas album, with songs like "Zombie Christmas", "Jesus the Reindeer" and "Christmas Day (I Wish I Was Surfing)".
There is a fair bit of genre-hopping here, but it all seems to fit on the same album.  It's clear that they had fun making this album, and it's also clear they drew their sound from wide-ranging musical influences.

I love this album.  Here are 3 of my favorite songs:

"Christmas Moon"

"(Don't Call Me) Mrs. Christmas"

"Zombie Christmas"

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