Thursday, September 22, 2011

Duke Spirit, Veronica Falls, Lisa Hannigan

The Duke Spirit – Bruiser

Where their previous albums had a fairly abrasive rock edge, this one seems a little different.  That edge is still there, but it’s been softened a bit.  They seem more concerned with the textures of their songs.  Liela Moss (lead singer) seems to be finding a new way to use her voice, as she slinks it around these new arrangements.  It’s a different direction for The Duke Spirit, and I really like it.

Favorite track: “Homecoming”
Rating: 4/5

Veronica Falls – Veronica Falls

Most of this album feels like a 50s doo-wop album, drenched in reverb.  Pretty melodies and harmonies are everywhere.  The songs are driven by a nice little guitar line, and drums that don’t do much beyond keeping the beat.  It reminds me of Loveless Unbeliever by The School, but with more reverb.  It’s a nice little album.  There’s not much to it, but it’s fun.  The sun is shining outside, and this seems like a good album to be listening to right now.

Favorite track: “Come On Over”
Rating: 4/5

Lisa Hannigan – Passenger

Damien Rice’s favorite back-up singer releases her second album.  It’s good.  Not altogether different from what she has already done, but it’s nice.  Folksy, with some pretty interesting arrangements.  Somewhere along the line, though, all of the songs kind of bleed together.  It’s a pleasant enough album, but nothing really jumped out at me.

Favorite track: “Passenger”
Rating: 3/5

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