Tuesday, August 02, 2011

My Followers, The Lassie Foundation

I looked the other day and saw that I had quite a few followers on this little music blog (47, to be exact, but I assume a lot of them are of the spam variety).
Considering I don't really do much with this, that's pretty amazing to me.  I think I know two of you.  So that means that I don't know how the vast majority of you found me (or why you read me).
If any of you - my followers - read this, please leave a comment (or send me a message) as to how you found my blog...hidden deep within this corner of the internet.

And now, a short review:

The Lassie Foundation - Pacifico

This album came out 11 years ago (has it really been that long?), but I listen to this album - without fail - multiple times every summer.  It's a terrifically fuzz-poppy album...you can find their sound somewhere between the shoegaze of Ride and the feel of the Beach Boys.  It's a gorgeously shimmery album  If you're looking for a perfect summer album, it's right here.  If you've never listened to this album, check it out now, before summer ends.  You can download the entire album at Amazon for $6.99 right now.  That's a great deal.

Rating: 5/5
Favorite track: "El Rey"


Fosterface said...

Hey (whenever I type that I hear Buckley) - I still remember how surprised I was at how much I liked this album back in 2001/2 when I first heard it. Just kind of came out of nowhere. Good stuff!

I heard of this blog from you.

Foo said...

Keep it up mate! Get a lot of my new music from your blog, aaaannnd NPR. hahaha

Thanks for keeping up with it!