Thursday, October 08, 2009

iPod Roulette

You know how we play this.  Hit shuffle on your iPod, and list the first ten songs that come up.  Post your results in the comments.

1. "I Know What It's Like" - Yonlu (from A Society in Which No Tear is Shed is Inconceivably Mediocre)
Not bad...but it just sounds like a poor man's Elliott Smith.  It's not a bad thing, but his love of Elliott Smith is painfully obvious.  Also, this guy killed himself when he was 16, before this album saw any kind of release.

2. "Ready for the Rain" - Dime Store Prophets (from Love is Against the Grain)
Just a good rock song, with a little country influence thrown in for good measure.  It's a shame these guys weren't bigger than they were.

3. "Good Man" - Josh Ritter (from The Animal Years)
My favorite song from this album.  An upbeat pop song, with shades of Billy Joel.  Love it.

4. "Grylliade (Live)" - The Prayer Chain (from Antarctica)
A fantastic song; dark and building with some great percussion...though I prefer the album version.

5. "Rumpus Reprise" - Karen O and the Kids (from Where the Wild Things Are Soundtrack)
There's not much to this song, but I like it.  I'm really looking forward to hearing how these songs work within the context of the movie.  Should be great.

6. "Organ Donor (Extended Overhaul)" - DJ Shadow (from Preemptive Strike)
I love this song.  A great organ line over a fantastic beat.  Listening to this track, I'm reminded of how amazing DJ Shadow was.  I hope he returns to greatness once again.

7. "I'll Come Running Back to You" - Sam Cooke (from Portrait of a Legend)
There's not a better soul singer than Sam Cooke...and that's a fact.  While this song isn't my favorite of his, it's still amazing.  He had a very distinct style, and it's in full swing here.

8. "A Summer Chill" - This is Ivy League (from This is Ivy League)
A great summer pop song (that's the only kind of songs this band does).  Great harmonies and guitars.  When I hear this song, I wish I was in a car, driving with the windows open.  Instead, I'm sitting here watching baseball.  I suppose that's okay, too.

9.  "The Rolling People" - The Verve (from Urban Hymns)
I used to hate this song.  As I've listened to it more, I've come to love it.  The swirling guitars are just perfect.

10. "Sing Little Bird Sing" - The Left Banke (from There's Gonna Be a Storm)
A nice, well orchestrated pop song from this relatively overlooked 60s pop band.  It's not easy to track down this album (a best of), but, if you can find it, it's worth your time to check out.


Fosterface said...

I smiled when I saw "Organ Donor."

Dusty said...

I smiled when I heard "Organ Donor". Just a great song.