Monday, March 17, 2008

My Rating System

After much thought, I have decided to change my rating system.
Up until this point, I have been rating albums on a scale of 0 to 10...yet I never said what those numbers mean. Obviously, a 10 is better than a 0, but I never explored it. Also, I kind of lost track of how high to rank something. I really like does it get a 9.5? Is a 9.5 too high? Maybe I should give it an 8.7...but maybe that's too low. And why do I have these decimal points, anyway?
So, in an attempt to break away from a confusing rating system, I'm stripping it down to something basic.
No numbers.
I'll write a closing thought, in which I will talk about how much I liked it, and, I hope, how much you will like it.
I've also toyed with doing a "Requested If You Like" section, but I'm terrible at those. I've never been able to make comparisons all that well, unless they're fairly obvious. Plus, whenever I heard a comparison like, "They sound like if the Smashing Pumpkins went to a party, and got into a fight with The White Stripes and Abba, while Stevie Wonder threw punch on them. While this is happening, The Strokes and Iron & Wine are watching and laughing. It sounds like that," I just roll my eyes and walk away more confused than I was in the first place. I may do stuff like this occasionally, but it's not going to happen a ton.

I don't know if you care, but I thought I'd let you know what's up.

And now, here's a cool picture (just 'cuz).


Douglass said...

so have you heard that sixpence is back together (at least matt and leigh that is)? they played at south by southwest this past week and will release an ep of new material in the near future. for someone like myself who has almost always held them in high regard, this is nothing short of good news.

Dusty said...

I did hear something about that, but I just figured it was an unfounded rumor, as I haven't read anything else about it since.
Their last album was less than stellar, but I was still blown away the last time I saw them live. Color me excited...and happy. I have loved them for a long time.

Douglass said...

yeah, i agree, their last album was disappointing. if i remember correctly, it was pretty much just thrown together being their "last album" and all with the thought that the 'don't dream its over' cover would carry it to adult contemporary radio or something.

i just read that they are playing cornerstone this year and something about releasing a christmas cd and an ep of new material.

seeing them live is how i first came to be somewhat obsessed with them. of course the first time i saw them was in the 'this beautiful mess' days prior to their launch into pop rock superstardom with that kissy kiss song.

Fosterface said...

Dawwwwwwwwwww.... Really? Awesome.

Just found The guy writes like you, so I thought you may enjoy it.