Saturday, June 23, 2007

iPod Roulette

It's been a busy week, with me starting back to class on Wednesday and everything, so I haven't had time to write a review yet. Sorry. Hopefully I'll have one posted by tomorrow.
In the meantime, we'll play a little game called iPod Roulette (which I took from the guy at Silly Pipe Dreams).
The rules are simple: hit "Shuffle" on your iPod, and write down the first 10 songs that come up. I'll end up writing something about every song.
If you want to play along, post your songs in the "Comments" area.
I think this will be fun.
Here we go.

1. Have You Ever - Brandi Carlile
Not a bad way to start. I like her...don't love her...but this is a pretty good song.

2. Cheatin' - Gin Blossoms
I have been a fan of the Gin Blossoms since their first album...where this song is found. However, I have always (ALWAYS) hated this song. The entire album is a nice little pop/rock album with a slight nod to country every now and then. And then, all of a sudden, they decide, "Hey, for this last track, let's go full out country." C'mon fellas, you can do better than that.

3. I Don't Ever Give Up - Patty Griffin
I'm not a huge Patty Griffin fan, but her latest album was pretty good. I give this one a thumbs up.

4. Sail to the Moon - Radiohead
Kind of fitting, what with Evan Almighty hitting theaters this weekend and whatnot. A beautiful song about Thom Yorke's son growing up to be president and sending people to the moon to save them...kind of like a modern-day Noah...but with a spaceship and people. Beautiful, beautiful song.

5. Tell it to Me - Tom Waits
BIG fan of this song, which comes off of his "Orphans" set. There's not a whole lot that Tom Waits has done that I'm not a big fan of.

6. Jesus Christ - Big Star
Gotta love Big Star. This song is a really upbeat, super-poppy song with "Jesus Christ is born today" for the chorus, which rocks over horns. It amounts to one of the least Christmasy Christmas songs in existence.

7. Whatever (Some Folk Song in C) - Elliott Smith
A while ago I found a website called Elliott Smith B-Sides, which contains a massive amount of free, unreleased Elliott Smith b-sides, outtakes and the like. This song is taken off of an album I found there called "From a Basement on a Hill 2". When he was recording his last album, he recorded over 40 songs. 15 of them made it to the album, and these are the leftovers. There's some pretty wicked stuff in here.

8. DVNO - Justice
I still haven't listened to this yet. By all accounts it is a mixture of techno beats and metal guitars. It will either be amazing or completely frightening...perhaps a mixture of the two.

9. Lucky Town - Bruce Springsteen
This is taken from his MTV Unplugged album. Not my favorite of his, but I could do a lot worse.

10. Who At My Door is Standing - Johnny Cash
From the collection "Personal File", which came out last year. If you haven't checked it out, definitely do it. It's a great collection of recently discovered tapes from Cash's "vault". They're basically performances with Cash and his guitar that were recorded in the 70s.

Well...that wasn't too bad. I didn't have a single embarrassing song on here.
Now it's your turn.

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